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Kyabram, VIC, 3620

Clinics & Services

Services & Clinics


Our practice is fully equipped with a number of services to provide our patients with the best possible care. 

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Our clinic has two nurse immunisers who are able to administer infant/childhood immunisations. Nursing staff are available for advice and information regarding immunisations. As part of our service we offer workplaces an onsite Flu Vaccinations session. These need to be booked through the clinic. Please note there is a charge for the nurses to do your immunisations.


Our clinic provides 24hr care to patients through the clinic and at the hospital. If you ring after hours, when the clinic is closed, listen to the recorded message for further instructions for medical care after hours. Patients please note Urgent Care Centre at the hospital has a triage policy in place, if a doctor is required to attend there will be a fee associated with the visit, you will receive an account from our practice.

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The clinic offers comprehensive health assessments for patients between the ages of 45-49 years and over the age of 75 years. These assessments promote health awareness and aim to identify any risk factors to prevent health deterioration.  


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As well as your doctor, our clinic has one accredited Pap smear nurse. For appointments please contact the clinic and advise your would like to book in your pap smear with the nurse. A fee is associated with these appointments.

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Nurses are available to provide change of dressings for patients, ranging from surgical wounds, simple wounds to semi-complex dressings. More complex dressings will be referred to District Nursing Services. Please note a fee is associated with this service.


Our clinic is able to establish Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements for those patients who have a chronic disease. These plans can assist those with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Arthritis to access Allied Health Services. Please discuss with your GP to see if you are eligible.

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Kyabram Regional Clinic has an excellent Diabetes Program. We have a Coordinator who will contact the patient when they are due to be reviewed. An appointment will be scheduled for both the nurse and doctor for a comprehensive assessment that includes an ECG, a foot check and an ABI which checks the blood pressure in your arms and legs.

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The nursing staff at our clinic are all qualified to perform Spirometry’s. This is a lung function test to determine lung volumes and helps to diagnose respiratory diseases. We are also able to offer workplace Spirometry testing; these are required to be booked in advance.

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The clinic provides ECG tracings. These can be done for doctors on site or for specialist request. The clinic also performs pre anaesthetic ECG's.  

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At a Doctors request our nurses are able to provide and fit 24hr blood pressure monitors.  A fee is associated for this test.